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The following is a piece of writing submitted by bookwormj on November 25, 2010
"My first grab bag! I think the most obvious one is "tart"..."

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner
"BIANCA!" Aunt Margery's overbearing perfume engolfed me as she squeezed me tight with her tie dye African Tunic-ed arms. "Hi Aunt Marge, how's your year been?" I say half heartedly while biting into a tart raspberry cookie from the tray of Christmas sweets Uncle Elbert had brought. "It's been great Bianca! I traveled to Taiwan over the summer and took lessons on how to improve my clairvoyance, I'm still continuing my training at Madame Fallala's academy for rising psychics." She said while unwrapping her black and white checkered scarf from around her neck and hanging it on the coat rack. Just then my sister Violet walked in. "Violet! Come give Auntie Margery a big smooch!" Aunt Marge boomed and held her arms wide. The 8 year old girl ran over and hugged her. "Auntie Marge! Guess what I got for my birthday? A wee-chee board!" Violet grinned, bearing many holes where teeth had fallen out. "That's Ouija Board, Violet." Aunt Margery corrected her as they walked towards the living room. "Have you had any luck with it yet?" She asked. And the two were off and chatting away in the living room. "I really don't understand those two" I mumbled.
"BIANCA!" A voice floated from the pantry. I walked down the stairs to the basement assuming my mom had forgotten an ingrediant and couldn't find it. "I thought that soup tasted watery.." My mom was mumbling rifling through boxes of Jell-O and cans of Baked Beans. "Biana, there you are. I forgot to add stock to the soup, do we still have any buillion cubes?" She asked as she read the expiration date on a box of Shredded Mini-Wheats. "Um...yeah, here's some" I said as I plucked off the little 4X3 cardboard box of dehydrated Vegetable and salt cubes and handed it to her. "Oh! Thanks Bee, alrighty, I'd better finish the soup now. Uncle Josh'll be ready to eat when he gets here." She bounded up the steps almost tripping on our cat, Filbert, who was on his way to the litter box. "Watch out mom, it's no big deal, Uncle Josh won't be on time, you've got a half an hour." I shout up the stairs at my mom who was frantically dumping buillion cubes into the pot of Chicken and Rice soup.
* Could you recognize the Grab Bag words? They were "overbearing, clairvoyance, checkered, bullion, smooch, and tart"

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