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The following is a piece of writing submitted by bookwormj on November 30, 2010
"This one only took me 13:38! But that's ok, I have to go to bed now anyway, now I'll have 1:22 seconds extra to waste!"


How does one choose a favorite season?

I love what ever season is happening right the best! Then near the end i'm ready for the change and am excited for the new season to come! So you see- my favorite season is Autingterummer.

Aut- My birthday is in Autumn, nothing can make a month more exciting! Dressing up for Halloween, carving pumpkins, and baking bazillions of pumpkin pies ad to the excitement. Raking (and then jumping in) leaves, biking, and a backpack free of excessive handouts, only a few fresh notebooks and sharp could Autumn NOT be my favorite season?

Ing- Rain rain, don't go away! I love the puddles you make, I love how you water my garden for me so I can run around and play instead! I love looking out my window at all the pink & green. I love breaking out all the skirts and wearing them without tights and leggings under. I love planning what i'll give up for Lent and going to Easter service. I love my rain boots, and of course Spring & Winter wars! Obviously, Spring is the best season!

Ter- Let it SNOW! I want all the snow days I can get! I want to sip hot tea after a long day of sledding, I want to hang my mittens to dry over the fireplace. I want to pick out a christmas tree and have it take 3 days for us to get every last ornament to fit on it. I want to belt christmas carols every time I get in the car along with WNIC! I want to buy all my friends presents and watch their faces as they open the wrapping! I want to stay up far past when the ball drops on new years blowing my guts out through a toy Kazoo jumping around the living room and tossing confetti! No contest- Winter's my favorite season!

Ummer- Ahh- the infamous summer. Every elementary school kid' favorite season. You were a weirdo back then if it wasn't your favorite. I mean come on- NO SCHOOL! It means camping up north. Scarfing all the samples at cherry republic, and popsicles every day. It means spending the whole day running around with friends or by myself, what's it matter?- The weather's great! Summer means I can sign up for as many camps as I can cram in- Band Camp, Theater Camp, Choir Camp, Bike Camp, Dance Camp, you name it- I wanna go! Summer means running around like a 4 year old in my yard chasing fireflies only to realize as soon as I get close- I don't want that in my hand! What am I doing? But I chase and chase anyways. Summer means I can embrace the FULL day and milk it for all it's worth without worrying about school. Duh- of course summer's the best!

How does one choose a favorite season?

So I think we've come to the conclusion...Autinterummer must be the best solution to our problems. Live in the moment and milk it for all it's worth!

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