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The following is a piece of writing submitted by bookwormj on January 18, 2011

Texting Mishap

Texting can lead to confusion. When you're talking you are more likely to ask people to repeat what they said, and ask "what do you mean?" but when texting with limited texting sometimes it goes over your head. Here's an example.
PIPER October 31 7:38 pm AHHHH
"AHHHHHH! I just trick-or-treated at Evil Lindsay's house!"

TEAGAN October 31 7:40 pm RE: AHHH
"I thought you were at Hallies?"

PIPER October 31 8:00 pm RE: Hallie's
"I'm on my way there right now!"

TEAGAN October 31 8:01 pm Re: Re: Hallie's
"She told me she's having like 10 friends over to bake brownies."

Only that's not what was going on at all! Hallie was having 4 friends over to watch Ghostbusters and trade candy. Teagan would have come too but she couldn't catch a ride. When I got to Hallie's we laughed about it.
"That Teagan sure is crazy!" Hallie chuckled munching on some popcorn. "I just texted her an hour ago what we'd be doing and who I was inviting!"
We teased Teagan about it the next day only to find out she'd been talking about Evil Lindsay!
Like I said, texting causes a lot of missunderstandings. While this one was funny, sometimes worse mistakes are made.

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