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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MissAnnie on May 31, 2015
"Yay for the class of 2015! (That would be me.)"

Keynote Address

Students, parents, and all other varieties of persons... Greetings. I am Professor Grace Champion. I have been asked to speak today in honor of our graduating class of 2015. I intend to tell you what I wish I'd been told when I graduated high school.

Life is short and unpredictable. There are three things, however, that can be counted on. One, the very unpredictable nature of life. Two, God above. Three, books.

Some of you dislike reading. Some of you dislike words. But I am quite certain that all of you adore stories. Stories are the glue that holds our world together. Stories are passed down from parent to child for thousands of years. Stories connect people form all walks of life.

So, students of 2015, I challenge you to go walk out of this ceremony today and make stories. Not extraordinary stories, although some of you will certainly do that. But make stories of the little things, because those stories are the ones that will last the longest. Stories about heroes touch our hearts, but stories about the little things envelop our whole being. Stories make you believe that anything can happen, that someday you will reach up and touch the stars.

Students of 2015, go out and make your own stories.

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