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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Abbie on December 26, 2010
"I keep this poem in my wallet, between concert tickets."


These days seem longer and Longer,
winter never felt so alone.
I'm here by myself and you're already gone.
Close your eyes and he'll come back,
I think to myself.
But the last time I saw your face, I knew that was a lie
If the mascara wasn't running down my cheeks
If I didn't say what I wanted to.
Did you do it on purpose?
I didn't know I needed to tell you that my heart was fragile,
but then again,
I was never good at games.
We always told each other
"You can't do it right if there's snow on the bridge"
But you never were a fan of rules.
If only you could see all the tears you've brought.
Those songs we used to sing, well.. Now it's just a painful sting.
Do you know how familiar that sting is?
You might
Only because pain was all we ever knew.

My name is Abbie, I'm thirteen years old, and I found that in my journal from last year.

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