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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Bee on December 30, 2010
"My apologies if this doesn't make sense, I was blinded by tears and just needed to rant. "


I remember being younger and hoping to fall in love... Innocent stuff that everyone dreams of. I don't remember what I thought (Mostly, I just hoped that Peter Pan existed, would take me to Neverland where we could fight pirates and never get old.) but I remember that little inkling that there would be that possible John Cusak for me.

I'm one of those divorce babies, though - I guess I don't count because my parents are technically seperated and have been for, what, five years?

It's kind of a mess but I'll keep it simple.

Mom and Dad met, fell in love, had a baby, grew apart, Mom found a new friend, had this friend for quite sometime, Dad moved out, Mom has friend over everyday, Dad and I have lunch every week.

I could hate my mother (sometimes I do, we're both scorpios.) but I guess I grew up that way, with someone else in the picture and I was just used to it.

But it gets awkward now that I'm fifteen and can figure things out on my own. I mean, I know something's going on and their not just "friends." Helaine says she's friends with this boy but they hook up quite a bit, so I'm not blind to the obvious. But there's my dad - and he's upset. And so am I, but I can't take it when he starts to growl about how he doesn't eat all day, or how he spends a lot of time alone, when he curses off that "special friend" and calls him names.

How does one respond to a man that had his heart handed back to him even when you know the other side of the story?

So now, I can't wait to fall in love. So I can prove this doesn't have to happen to me.

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