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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Bee on March 29, 2011
"Just a rant ;)"

Just Listen.

Musicians are under-rated.

People just give music a passing glance, they dig a little too deep into the band, maybe an awkward lyric in the song.

What they don't get is that musicians are real-life super heros.

Sure, they don't pull you out of a burning building, or catch the bad guy but they can take out of the place you're in for just a moment. Just a breath and they'll transport you far, far away.

I may be a hypocrite while I write this, however. I don't always like the songs that are on the radio, I can't STAND John Mayor, but I respect the feeling that people can get from those songs. The feeling I get from all of my songs.

My friends hate what I listen to. They think it's trash, they think it's juvinile pop that's trying to be punk. They think my bands are ridiculous, they think my obsession is ridiculous.

What they don't get is that my music saves my life, every day.

My grand mother died, All Time Low was there.

My mom got breast cancer, All Time Low was there.

Let's face it, All Time Low was there a lot more than my friends were.

I've gone to three of their concerts and those boys can take me out of however I feel, if I'm upset that my foots bruised because I lost my shoe, or that I'm tired of the jerks in front of me.

For just over three minutes, I'm somewhere else.

When my friend said trash about me behind my back, Paramore was there.

When I was upset about my mom and my fight, Paramore was there.

They're there for every car ride, for good moment and every bad.

Alex Gaskarth said you can't tell a girl not to like her favorite band, because that band has been there through everything. They're yet to have abandoned her, they're yet to have forgotten her.

And that's why musicians are under-rated.

Not every thing can make me smile.

Not my favorite book.

Not my best friend.

Not a stupid joke on the computer.

But music.

Musicians are super-heroes. There's nothing more to it.

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