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The following is a piece of writing submitted by JD on July 9, 2011
"What do you think?"

Independence, Part I

He said it was a deck party
But not a party really
Just a reason to see the fireworks
over the city
I said Ho hum gonna be a sleeper
This small corn town
Too far from any real works of fire
And then it happened
The anticip[ation, the 15 visitors who had driven miles to get here
This deck, this rolling dale down to the lake
It was 9:15 and I was thirsty.
I saw the first one
The second one, and the third one gave me shivers
Electric red and neon azure
and copper and silver and other colors that have no names

I was excited to be here, to be in the good ole US of A
The cool grass tickling my shins and ankles
and the bugs told me the views of our bottoms
at the bottom of the chairs was everything but festive
The act lasted 20 minutes and then some

When's the finale?" I asked
"Oh, this is it, it has to be."
But no, there was more.

It was the best salute to the Chinese
That I have seen in years.
God save us!

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