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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brezza on February 23, 2011

All the World is a Stage

Katherine sat in the audience at the newly opened Globe Theatre. The actors were dressed in costume and swanning about on stage like fish out of water, in her opinion. Surely Mr. Shakespeare would have taken better care in casting, she thought to herself.

His new play "A Midsummer Nights Dream" was so popular that there was no room to move in the standing only theatre. Now that his popularity had soared amongst the majority of inhabitance in London, he should be careful of what the critics might think, she admonished, again to herself. Katherine had seem this play 3 times since it's premier night and she very much enjoyed the story, yet the more she saw it the more she picked up on the imperfections of the actors. Their delivery, body movements, hand actions were jerky and confusing and even some pronunciations of words were incorrect!

She would have made a much better Puck! Katherine was a slight lady and had a rather lively spring in her step that would have contributed to Puck character. She imagined him to be a very flighty character, easily distracted and yet absolutely besotted with the object that, at the particular moment, occupied his attention. Good matured at heart herself, Katherine would be able to convey the deep intentions Puck has towards the other characters but, rather fantastically, gets turned into utter disarray. Considering that women were not permitted to play as actors, Katherine's rebellious thoughts would have also added the mischief that Puck also displayed.

But alas, she was doomed to watch and wonder.
Maybe one day she might meet this famous Mr. Shakespeare and ask him if she would make a good Puck. She smiled.

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