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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Brezza on March 21, 2011

The Professor and the Governess

'I am a Governess, and as such I have a responsibility both to my employers and to my pupils. Their education is very important!' she stated matter-of-factly. "Of course, My love. I would not ask you for the world to forsake your pupils education. However the equation before us is a simple one. You and I and going to be wed. We have 24 days until the wedding and much to plan, which I calculate may not be enough time to plan afternoon tea if we are not careful." His pleading reply also stated the plain facts. "They take much of my time and we have discussed and discussed the poems and readings for the wedding, but to no avail. If you will not put in the effort to make a decision, as I offer when dealing with the money matters and the like, then I have other matters to attend to."
She was a valued Governess of 3 daughters of a Duke and all the newspapers claimed that she had made a good match when she was betrothed to a respected Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University.
Both were extremely logical and clear headed, however both thought that their respective fields were more effective in dealing with the world.
That outcome...they would be wed.
The way that they would get there...a road less travelled.
He was attentive to all things of numerical value and obviously this could come in handy when it came to financial matters. However, when they sat down to discuss the literary options for the ceremony, Pythagorus' Theorem was not an option. The works of Tennyson, Shakespeare and even Doyle were like foreign languages to the Professor and like the air needed for life for the Governess. At this point she would have gladly had a passage from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes read out by the priest before he announced them man and wife.
Thanks the Good Lord, neither had a temper and would simple leave it up to the priest, or perhaps Holmes would be solving the matter of the Professor and the Governess.

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