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The following is a piece of writing submitted by ZemiC on March 2, 2011
"As a computer programmer, I undestand the limitations of computers and although I do rely on these machines more than most, I prefer to use my brain for daily tasks."

Computer Woes - My Human Computer Is Still The Best

Computers make everything faster, better and are supposed to make our lives easier. There comes a point where a human has to use his brain. We do still have one of those floating around behind our eyes that stare at the blinking cursor all day. I fear that computers are taking away our normal thought process. Lest we forget, a person programs these computers to do the things they do. No computer can do anything unless I, the almighty programmer, tell it to.

In today's world there is an "app" for everything. Many people cannot even find their way home without a GPS telling them where to turn. I would rather use my own sense of direction and my own brain to get to where I want to go.

And, since politics always seems to find its way into any conversation I might be having...politicians are doing the very same things that programmers are doing. They are taking our thoughts from us. There is virtually a law for everything. A law to tell you how much you can water your lawn, a law to tell you how fast you can drive, a law to tell you that you must wear a seatbelt while driving, a law to tell you how long you are allowed to be on the internet. I just made that last one up, but you get the idea. I want my right to free thought back. We have free speech but perhaps those free speakers should THINK before they speak.

Computers are not completely evil and neither are those that program them. Storing all your information in computers does put you at risk because you do not know where that information physically resides and you do not know who has permissions to view it. There are many eyes between these words that I type now and where these words ultimately reside in cyberland.

I'll end by saying that my pet-peeve would be too much relying on computers when the human mind is still the most powerful and awesome "computer" that will ever exist.

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