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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Dsn on March 27, 2011

Give It Up!

Originally I thought maybe the bad habits that I have acquired in my life, like smoking and drinking. And I did that for a day. I then gave in to my old habits again ... I wondered and gave pause to the act of this Lenten sacrifice of bad habits or other ... what did it mean? .. a mere expression of my ego ? or maybe willpower?
At 48 years of age the Lenten seasons have come and gone some being a remembrance of the spiritual and some just passing by without a notice.

Not much time to the season left , I still have been trying to decide my offer.
............on My leisurely Sunday drive . I notice a somewhat younger teen playing ball in a field and wondered what I’d change if I were that young again. I wondered how much of what I'd become in 20 years that I’d never planned nor would have wanted. Some how aacquired debut act that became a part of me ...insidiously, without me never even knowing or choosing the part.
Sort of like a realization “ Our revels nearly ended....... “ kind.
If the kid had asked me what or why I give anything up during a season I thought how I'd answer -reasonably.
I guess I'd say , “to learn more about me ,, get closer to the truth of me, and a Deity I believe in .”
Thinking that that would sound like a “pat” answer maybe I’d say “ I don’t know.”
I Guess I hope to give up the things that I acquired without me knowing ; the bad , and the so called good habits that were really never meant to
And live the more real me . Maybe a true Easter.

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