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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Dsn on April 8, 2011

Tangible Poetry

The road went for many miles.
A travail to a walker,
a joy for the ride.
The evening sky had begun to darken,
Its horizon though softly
Waning glistened smooth.

Along the moun-tops edge
It shone pink, then red.
Crimson, cinnamon darker,
Still, and stiller.
One staring could feel
The cool change from crimson
To grey and then blue.

Ice blue Oceans, stars of glass
That appear, a sparkle
A chimed sound, To hear
In the mind’s ear.

The evergreens and honeysuckle
Yellow faded now, As yet
The hills had become one
In the light, that was left.

A grand scene, black beauty
Of the night, Crowned by the stars
The wind softly caresses.
Silently, tender, and all Who pass.

No darkness, for there is enough
Light for Beauty.
Mountain and Sky,

As if they knew and waited
For this moment, To Be.
So Very, so Black, so Blue
So Silver and Too.

A part of the lovers, the loner,
And Walker, or You.

Alas, the stars that shimmer
Begin to fade,
The coolness of night
Has begun to move.

Further up the road day
Comes a’ near.

The evergreen dew falls
The grass rustles gently,
Under steps of dawn

And the road
Follows to Day and Waits.
For Beauty again.

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