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The following is a piece of writing submitted by amazing on May 18, 2009
"I think it is much better with the music, but feedback is always good, so imagine that there is music."

Faerie Tale

There’s a girl down the road
And she lives in a golden castle
And I live in the house behind her gardens

And they look like a painting,
No flower loses petals in the wind,
And there’s never any wind to fly away on

There’s no magic in the trees
And they’re pruned to perfection
But they’re lifeless and mundane and they’re golden

And the girl in the castle
She is sad and she is lonely
And she’s spent all her life by her window

And she stares at her still trees
And she wishes they’d start dancing
But they’re golden, they were only made for standing

And she cries all the night
And at two in the morning
She will always fall asleep by her window

And tomorrow she will wake up
And she’ll leave her golden castle
And she’ll move to a cottage by the ocean

Where all the trees are real
And the wind comes everyday
And she can leave her walls and find so much magic

And without her tears to feed on,
The castle will turn to stone,
And the garden will die and be forgotten

But the girl by the ocean,
She will always remember
That gold is the most lethal poison

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