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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mickey on April 12, 2011
"Oh, and yess I do understand I didn't follow the rules of a sonnet spot on IS my first thing on this website."


Words swirling around my creative mind,
Thinking I might burst any second now,
Quick look around for a god given sign,
Ideas flow through me yet we know not how.

My element might seem strange to others,
But this world can be described by you.
I am an artist without known colors,
Impossible yet I make them seem true.

Pencil and paper over expensive paint brushes,
Painting is just a brainstorm for my skills.
Writing daring words just to see blushes,
Just you try to label me as you will.

I write to express my true inner self,
Judge me now but soon I’ll be on your shelf.

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