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The following is a piece of writing submitted by -real on April 22, 2011
"This is the product of my grieving and my realizations about death. Dedicated to everyone who are aching for the loss of a loved one. "

Deep Slumber

Deep sleep
Everyone's weeping around you
Deep peaceful slumber
Everyone has tears in their eyes
It took you by stealth and trickery
It took us all by surprise
It took you like a thief in the night
And you left without saying goodbye

Deep sleep
I hope you never fade away
Deep sweet slumber
I'd hope to see a smile on your face
But I have to face bitter reality
And this is what it has dawned upon me

They closed your eyes
Powdered up your lifeless face
Dressed you in your best white clothes
Laid you down and closed away

Deep sleep
Sleep well
Deep slumber
Sleep tight
It's time for farewells
The hour for goodbyes
Farewell, brother
Goodbye, my friend
Farewell, love
Goodbye, love
You will always be remembered
'Till we meet again
For a long, long time
But for now...

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