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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rakesh on May 7, 2011
" A real experience, truly one of the best i have had , for a 20 yr old"


Once i happened to break by right hand (fractured) and, was suggested a surgery by a doctor . The problem was not with the surgery. The thing is, i happened to be 1800 kms away from my home ,and i needed a reservation for the earliest possible flight .

The place where i am right now has got no airport, i need to travel around 250 kms for the nearest airport i.e DUM DUM airport in kolkata . The problem was not with the reservation nor was it with the connecting train .

So then, let me enunciate ,i need to catch my flight from kolkata to hyderabad at 6:45 PM , and i was asked to check in by 6:00 PM. The time 6:00 PM is one of those , i never forget, for it made a mark in the centre of my brain.I boarded my connecting train at 11:00 AM nd was supposed to reach kolkata by 4:00 PM (if the train was on right time ).I had a nice little nap for 4 hours , by the time i got up it was be 3:45 PM,and i was supposed to reach kolkata railway station in 15 min (if only train was on time), and it takes one and half hour (in the worst possible case) from the railway station to airport.This was if everything goes according to plan.

I always had the feeling that fate never makes my life easy , it always has a special way of dealing with me, let me decipher how it did that day.I was half conscious after my little nap and, i happened to listen that my train was one and a half hour late , which hit me like an atom bomb, i felt like i was on the edge of a high cliff, and, someone was about to push.At that very moment i felt , there is nothing more cruel than fate, if it wants to be.My mind was going crazy , out of helplessness. I was suggested by one of my fellow passengers, that i can board the flight at any time as it is a domestic flight . This made me breathe easily. As i was nearing kolkata , i felt like jumping, felt more happier than anytime before.But i never knew that fate is so badly after me.

The worst part was train reached there at 5:45 PM , 15 minutes later than expected. I rushed to the taxi stand , to get a taxi to the airport.Remember i need to be there by 6:00 PM, and i have told the same to the taxi driver , he simply ignored me , and gave a stern look . He then explained me that there are 15 traffic signals to cross , and it might take 30 min to 1 hour depending on the traffic. I couldn't digest that , but still forced some stern words , that i need to be at the airport as soon as possible.He took me through the heavy and horrendous traffic,we crossed 10 traffic signals in 20 min and i was confident i could make there by 6:15 PM.The journey looked endless, the lengthiest 30 min of my life,i could not feel my pulse, neither my heartbeat. Finally we made to the airport by 6:15 Pm, i ran from the taxi , similar to the heroes in old hindi movies, and asked for the flight to hyderabad.As i already told , nothing comes easily in my life , and fate is my biggest enemy.I was told that rules have been changed 15 days back, that passengers have to be 1 hr earlier even for domestic flights, that ended my misery.I somehow took it easily, because , i never expected the best to happen.FATE ALWAYS GETS THE BETTER OF ME .This is the cruelty of fate, i somehow might have hurt fate so badly in the past that it is on a never ending vengeance.

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