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Lorcan Deladus-The Mysterious Girl

by EmeraldShadow

This is my very first attempt at writing, so it'll probably be terrible. Do with it what you will.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by EmeraldShadow on June 30, 2011
"From simple beginnings,great trees grow. Or something."

Lorcan Deladus-The Mysterious Girl-Chapter 1-Beginnings

Date-21st December-
Time-10:30 am

In the somewhat unremarkable and moderately-sized town of Ballinaisteach,famous for its large clock tower that stood near the exit which led to all of the collective towns near the Galway City area for many ages,looking over the people in the various houses,estates and office buildings. Among these denizens that walked and milled about the town each and every day,was a sixteen year old teenager by the name of Lorcan Dedalus.
The second eldest of four,he was one of the tallest,not the tallest,though he was still of respectable height,students that attended the local community school.He had messy,unkempt dark brown hair,with turquoise eyes,an unusual nose,at least to him,which he often grumbled about. He was a dedicated video gamer and also had a love of computers,as his parents and occasionally friends would call on him to fix any problems they may have had with modern technology. For lack of a better description,Lorcan was somewhat of a nerd,yet very proud of that actuality.
Many of his friends labelled him as "simple-minded,yet essentially harmless and likable." There was still ongoing debate among a few female classmates as to the "likable" aspect of him,but we shall delve into that later.
Currently,the students at Ballinaisteach Community School had a much earlier Christmas break than originally anticipated,due in part to bad weather over the past days,which had,thankfully in some cases,prevented teachers from their educating duties. So,it was decided that it would be best for the students to leave much earlier.
The tenacious December wind blew indomitably,and the sky was,to say the least,dismal and murky looking. The looming yet often motionless,even in the most troubling circumstances,sycamore and oak trees that were situated alongside the town's river,still whistled uneasily as the final remaining leaves of the trees descended to the ground,quietly.
The fusion of the damp undergrowth and abundance of trees led to what a few adults in Ballinaisteach referred to as the "Wayward Wilderness",an untroubled and stagnant boundary,where many children,and occasionally teenagers,would enter during their spare time,typically with friends,in order to converse about school,television,music and life in general.Some,however preferred to be on their lonesome,the Wayward Wilderness was often considered as an illusion of types,a place where someone could all alone in the world,no adults,teachers or anyone else,just them and their problems,and trying to figure out authentic solutions for them.
Lorcan was one such common transient,although he would rarely appear unaccompanied. It would often be a Friday that he would be present,along with one to three friends,recurrently these would be Anthony Jennings,Lorcan's best friend and had been so since the early days of primary school,Susan Murphy,an idiosyncratic yet amiable redheaded girl,and finally,Megan Walsh,known for her acrimonious and moody attitude,who dated Lorcan for a number of months,until a rather unsettling break-up that resulted in them not speaking to each other for a month or so.
Regardless,the beginning of the story is not set at the Wayward Wilderness,nor in any given street of Ballinaisteach,not even involving anybody else mentioned above;it all begins with the above-mentioned teenager by the name of Lorcan Deladus.
And it all starts late one morning,as Lorcan lies asleep in bed.

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