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The following is a piece of writing submitted by southgateharper on September 27, 2011
"Fairs are fun, but I want to get to Disneyland one day!"


Whenever I go to a fair I am always pulled in right away by the smells - sometimes the smells are those of meat frying, onions sauteeing, or chicken roasting ; other times the smells are of cows defecating and horses peeing in their stalls.

Let's not forget the sounds!! When you go to a 4H fair you've got all the farm animals making their noises - the lambs are bleating, the cows are mooing, the roosters are crowing, and the rabbits ever make a sound? Even if they don't , they sure are cute, especially when they wiggle their noses.

My favorite kind of rabbit would have to be the giant rabbits with the fur pattern like a siamese cat. I'm not sure if they are called siamese rabbits or not, but they sure have that kind of fur. It's nice to be able to pat them and watch them hop about. It's really hard to stay in a bad mood if you are around a fluffy rabbit.

Of course there are also the sounds of the carrousel and the screaming people on the rides at the fair. The music is always blaring as the rides spin and twist endlessly in their vomit-inducing contortions. I remember someone sitting right beside on the salt and pepper shaker being chundered on by another person who let fly with some brutal chunks. I've never been back on the salt and pepper shaker ever since. It was quite the shock and sight to behold. It's probably an even worse memory for the guy who was sitting beside me!

And then there are the school fundraising fairs that take place when you are in elementary school. I have very fond memories of dunking my grade seven teacher into the dunk tank on a very chilly spring evening back in my days at Frank Hobbs elementary. Mr. Ramsey thought he was going to get away with staying dry for his shift on the dunk tank board, but I nailed the target and sent him splashing! It's actually quite fun when you are on the board and get dunked yourself. If you've never done it, you should check it out.

The other fond memory I have of that fun fair is of winning the cake walk!! I don't know how many times I "walked for dat cake" that night, but I finally won. It was a scrumptious chocolate cake that I took home and scarfed down with some cold milk. It was a fine end to a fine evening.

Last April we took our son Alan to the fair here in Campbell River. He loved eating the cotton candy and climbling on the pirate ship and sliding down the giant slide on the carpet. We also took a spin together on one of the spinning rides. But I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he did riding the train at the Campbell River Salmon Festival in August. He rode that train over and over again. I don't think he ever got bored of it. He just got hungry or thirst and so we would leave and come back to it again later.

One day I want to talk Alan to the biggest fair of all - Disneyland. I've never been, so it will be a great time for both of us. I can't wait. Maybe next spring? Here's hoping!

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