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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Caroline.w on July 20, 2011
"I used the three 'prompt generated' wordings to come up with this story: Conflict with a God
Golf course
I am sorry for the format...this is my first post here and didn't know about this box but it was a story done in exactly 15 minutes. "

Listen to the Warning Signs

Listen to the Warning Signs

Conflict with a God
Golf Course

Barry was sick to the teeth of his life. His marriage had become 'comfortable', almost robotic. The love had been replaced by a feeling of two strangers living in a house together. Sex, that was a wierd one. Sometimes she became animalistic but extremely selfish, and at others, she showed no interest at all, the latter being the usual case.

There has got to be more to life than this Barry wondered as he was walking around the Golf Course with Patrick, his Golf partner and drinking partner too.

So after getting beaten by Pat for the eigth time this past June and July, they retreated to the Club House and Barry thought he'd talk over his troubles with his friend and see if he could get some enlightenment on his situation.

"Have you ever heard of Astral Travelling Barry?" Pat enquired.

Patrick was a very wise and spiritually aware man, which is why Barry is so drawn to him as he himself has had many an experience which are unexplainable, but not to Patrick. The things Barry had told him did not phase Pat in the slightest.

"No, I can't say I have" Barry replied to his friends question. Then the conversation moved on.

"Life's about increasing as many positives into your life Barry to raise your vibrations and then when you are higher, then better things come into your life".

Barry thought for a moment. "But I pray to God Pat and get no answer".

Pat went on to say "There are many Gods and that each governs different aspects of our lives such as our feelings and emotions".

Barry thought about his troubled marriage.

"It's because you are in conflict with a God Barry. Resolve the conflict and things will be different". Patrick continued.

Barry thought for a moment. "How do I do that? I can't exacvtly talk to the God in question"

"No, you remove the problem, in this case your loveless marriage, and then you will no longer be in conflict with that God who want's harmony and balance for you in your life".

Barry thought. "So if I sort out my issues surrounding my life instead of burying my head in the sand, which is what I have been doing, the conflict will go"?

"Exactly, my friend"

Barry pondered further and realized that if he resolved this issue with his wife, ie; get a divorce, then there will be no conflict left with that God. It then dawned on him that through the conflict, that God was trying to tell Barry that something was wrong but he had chose to ignore it. Now he knows what he needs to do. Take responsibility and make the necessary changes to his life.

One year on, barry is divorced, he is enjoying life once again and harmony with that particular God, and therefore his life, has now been restored!

The End

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