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by lostcerebellum

The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on June 25, 2008
"Life's joys are best when shared, as are its griefs."

To My Wife

I love to hear the robin sing;
The veery’s song just thrills me through.
But both would have a hollow ring
If they, and life, weren’t shared with you.

Enthralled by lofty mountain heights
And peaceful rivers far below,
Yet still I find these lovely sights
Are doubly rich with you, you know.

To watch the setting sunlight go
‘Cross rippling ponds, like shimmering lace
Is lovely, yes, and much more so
When viewed while in your warm embrace.

The breeze that whispers through the trees,
The freshly settled morning dew;
I thank my Lord for all of these,
But I thank God the most for you.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on August 28, 2008
"Don’t grieve for me. The last time I was ditched was almost forty years ago, and I can now actually say I’m thankful that it happened. I just wrote this because the last line got stuck in my head, and I was trying to write a poem to go with it-- one that would convey the anguish that one feels when a relationship is torn apart. It’s something that pretty much everyone goes through, often more than once, maybe as a teenager, or in a divorce, and it really hurts. And at times you just wonder how you can go on. When you’re in the process, it seems that the pain will never end. Usually it does, eventually. Sometimes it just lessens with time. But it’s hard to look down the road when you’re going through such an experience."

Ocean of Tears

We swore we’d always be together;
Our love would last eternally.
Now it’s looking like forever’s
Not as long to you as me.

I wish those words had stayed unspoken,
But you told me, “It’s goodbye.”
My heart was left so torn and broken,
Wanting nothing, but to die.

Is there no respite from this grieving?
Will it ever go away?
My only hope is in believing
I can last another day.

If I do, then there’s tomorrow,
With its ache and misery,
Bringing anguish, bearing sorrow,
And tormenting memories.

They say that time makes all wounds better,
But then scars are what remain.
Are they release from all these fetters,
Or just dulling of the pain?

Can I get through this, I wonder,
As the days drag on like years?
Sometimes I think I’m going under,
Drowning in an ocean of tears.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on October 2, 2008
"A bride’s thoughts wander back over the years, as she looks at the man who is about to give her away."

Daddy’s Little Girl

It was a short intensive stay
Inside the labor room that day,
And then you heard the doctor say,
“It’s a little girl.”

You said it’s been a brand new game;
Your life has never been the same.
I think I’ll gladly take the blame –
Your little girl.

Sometimes you’d take me to the park.
I’d swing and play till after dark,
Oh, I was happy as a lark
To be your girl.

While you would read to me at night
And reach up to turn out the light,
It seemed that life was just so right
For your little girl.

And as you tucked me into bed
And then bent down to kiss my head,
It spoke of more than could be said
To your little girl.

The years have started to accrue.
At times it seemed they nearly flew.
You stood amazed at how I grew –
Your little girl.

Well, Daddy, I’m a woman now.
Today I’m going to take a vow
And yet, I’ll always be, somehow,
Your little girl.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on June 13, 2009
"I just felt like writing a haiku."

Heartbreak Haiku

Love of my life, gone.
Never thought that it could be.
How the heart can ache.

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