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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lostcerebellum on May 30, 2016
"A friend at work a couple of days ago was telling us he had just found a little patch of snow. The next day it was about ninety degrees, and my thoughts about that snow patch led to this."

Frosty's Last Day In Town

A snowman once arrived in town, a pleasant winter day.
The snowman's name was Frosty, and he loved to sing and play.

But winter always yields to spring, and soon, to his dismay,
His friends began to counsel him to leave, without delay.

Well, Frosty's not the type to run, (not having legs or feet).
No, he's the type to hold his ground and never sound retreat.

The sun's rays started beating down one scorching-hot spring day,
And though he firmly stood his ground, still, Frosty ran away.

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