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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Aimster du Clarkentine on August 16, 2008
"What could be but isn't for one reason or another...Imagining the other side of interpersonal interaction, even if it's unlikely to go the way one would like it to, provides endless entertainment."

When Paths Cross but Don't Join

Glass doors glare
and enters there
a windblown woman
with long red hair
Tucks back a strand
with ringless hand
(Catches his eye)
oblivious, walks by.

Books in a stack
she is back
smiles at him
handsome librarian
Checks left hand--
No wedding band
Takes her books and goes.

Neither knows
mutual curiosity

"Another student, likely taken
She seems sweet, if I'm not mistaken
Politely chit-chatted with me
But she probably does with everybody."

"Looks the gentlemanly kind
Intelligent and reserved....
I really wouldn't mind
If he inquired about me...
But why should he?
He's probably seeing somebody."

One week later
the woman's back
returning her books
in a neat stack.
"Thank you" her voice echoes
And on with life she goes
Her, regretting to walk away
and he
still wanting to say
"Who are you,
and why do I want you to stay?"

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