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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Aimster du Clarkentine on September 30, 2008
"I wrote this in frustration when a friend was stuck in sin. It was easy to go, man, what a weak person. Until I realized that I'm the same way, only with different areas of my life. Sobering thought."

The Struggle with Sin

My soul within me
Because I see
You struggling
While Crying
While dying
Will you ever find relief?
You will
I pray
It's my belief
In His own gentle way
God will arrest the thief
Who steals you of your joy

"Who? Who steals me of my joy?"
asks the confused boy
but you know
Though he may go
by many a name
Lust, Pride, Vanity and more
Sin is his identity
Ah, we've met before.
Sin mocks
knocks ar your door.

"Where is your armor now?!
Goes his ugly, throaty growl
"Not so shiny is your suit.
Your armor lacks its brighness
so very smudged up with soot.
Where, oh where is your good repute?"
Sin taunts, he has a hold
His breath smells of must and mold.
"Hypocrite!" He yells at you.
"Christian, doing what you do!"

"But, Child," cries a mightier voice
"You have the power to make a choice!
Live in the light!
Walk with ME!
Let ME be your delight!"
Cries out a voice so lovingly."

"I've messed up so bad"
the boy says with pain
"I try and I try
but all in vain!"

Then speaks the Great Voice once again
"Though your sins are as scarlet
They shall be white as snow.
To be rid of your past
You must first let go."

"I don't know how"
is his reply.

(observer speaking)

My heart hurts, and I know why.
We are the same,
You and I.
We struggle and fight
This spiritual battle
We seek the light
But hide in the shadows.
We value humility
Yet we seek fame.
We triumph here
and fail there
We are no different
When you really think about it.

We're human.
But we're not.
We have Christ in us.
Don't tell me you forgot!
(Neither did I)
So why do we covet
and why do we lie?
Why must we always
pluck out an eye
that causes us to stumble
causes us to fall.

Didn't Christ defeat sin
once and for all?
He did. Indeed.

"Do you trust me?
The Voice speaks again.
"Do you love me?
Do you seek me more than silver
more than gold
more than earthly riches untold?'

Yes and no.
And so
the struggle continues.


We have hope
Someday we will be free
from this trouble
you and me
together with all humanity
when we step into eternity.

In His Time
He makes all things beatiful
In His time.

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