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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Aimster du Clarkentine on October 18, 2008
"In retrospect, we see how God doesn't give us what we want at the time because He has bigger and better plans. He's good beyond our understanding. "

Change of Mind

What I thought I wanted so
Reason has made me let go.
Now, instead of me dreading
That you might catch on and flee
The one on the run is me.

My first impulse is to stay
And smile when you look my way
But what is easy to do
Isn't always best for two.

I could never run from you
And I'd hate to make you blue
But I will flee from possibility
Of you and me being "we".

And I'm sorry
for what can't be
Because it's appealing
but not best for you and me.
Even though I'd really like it to be.

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