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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Aimster du Clarkentine on February 24, 2009
"This is based on a true story (name of individual was unknown, so I called him Dominic, because the incident occurred in the Dominican Republic) and it really struck me, so I wrote about it."

50 shots

Nobody likes shots
'Less they're of tequila--
Dominic liked those a lot.
The drinking competition
was incredibly fierce--for $330 they fought.

At 21 in 2005
That seemed like fun.
Dominic downed 50,
each shot cheered on.
And he eventually won.

How wildly they celebrated!
But Dominic was more than done--
Alcohol poisoning dropped him dead.
"It won't happen to me" some say.
That's what Dominic said.

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