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The following is a piece of writing submitted by kdf62 on November 1, 2011
"this came while thinking about some of the things that I have seen people do while they think no one is looking"

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The man in the yellow coat sat across the aisle from me on the Fred St. bus. I wondered where he was going and what he was up too. Why? you might ask did this concern me. Well, I have this awful habit of being a people watcher.

People are very interesting you know. They do things in public without thinking about it and some of the things I see are quite striking. The woman that plays with the curl on her left side of her head then rolls her eyes back and forth and then smiles at me. Or there was the man that rotates his hat from front to back and then left to right; the little boy that picks his nose and then without a thought ingests the rewards that he found. Oh, there are so many odd things that people do out there in the world and I have seen many of them.

The thing that bothers me the most is what am I doing that is weird and others see, am I the odd little man in the checkered sport coat that is the subject of conversation between a man and his wife over the evening dinner table.

Yes, I am that man and there are many strange things that I do. Perhaps I will tell you of some of those and who knows maybe we are related. Be on the look out for the strange little man coming soon to your neighborhood.

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