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The following is a piece of writing submitted by amani3g on November 26, 2011
"This is pretty short. It seems more like a prologue than a short story... still hope you enjoy :)"

A New Plain

I woke up. It was only noon why am I awake? Better yet where am I?

I lifted my head up looked across the plain of reality I was in and saw where the reality was set. In a winter woods, I lay on a branch of a sturdy tree. I hopped down and vainly brushed the snow off of myself. Oh crap. I'm dead.

My body lay on the tree branch. I've never been dead before. I just thought that since humans were immortal that... well I guess the council never thought this far; which means that I haven't thought this far.

The spirit I guess still lives because I'm still existing right? I guess that existence in the body was just another level of reality... I thought the council already measured all levels of reality limiting our existence to what the human brain could comprehend.... and if death was the end of an immortal human then the human brain would be gone and that individual would no longer exist.

But if I'm still here, and my body is dead... then there must be more to a human than they thought. I'm obviously alone there hasn't been a dead human in history-- the council made sure of that. If I'm dead now, that means they no longer have control over my mind, which means one thing. Freedom.

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