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The following is a piece of writing submitted by SydneyPfugitt on December 9, 2011

Preparing with Sydney Fugitt

I would clean the house for sure, make sure all the dirty clothes and dirty dishes are clean. Make sure the beds are made and make sure the whole house is vacuumed and dusted. Wash the counters and make it smell good in my house to where you want to be in there not dreading to leave. Then I would maybe make some food or snacks for the guests for when they arrived.

I would go to the store and make sure i'm loaded up on all kinds of food and drinks so that they have a selection of what they would like. Wash the dogs so they didn't smell. Sweep the back porch, make sure the trash is also taken out and maybe even put some music on for the whole household.

Make sure the outside of the house looked nice, parked the cars in a neat way, sweep the sidewalk. Just mostly making sure all the dishes are done, trash is taken out, carpet is vacuumed, the fridge is shiny, the cabinets and counters are spotless. Just so it makes it all smell good!

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