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The following is a piece of writing submitted by jimblanchet on February 29, 2012
"I find it interesting and challenging to hint at a larger story line with Micro Fiction. I look foward to thoughts/comments"


I look up at the Sire from my knees. He stands tall in front of me, his right hand held high with the emblem tattooed on his palm. His uniform is sharp but not expensive. The attitude and conviction make him strong, not the clothing. I envy that conviction. He is everything I want to be.

"Do you understand the full meaning of this pledge?"

His voice is confident. We all know the answers and quickly respond, in unison.

"Yes, Sire. I understand my oath and am ready to do all that is necessary."

"Are you ready to join the Order with your whole heart?"

I can barely keep from shaking. I am so excited.

"Yes, Sire. I am ready."

"Do you realize that the person you are now will cease to be, and you will become something else entirely?"

"Yes, Sire. I am prepared to make that sacrifice."

"Are you willing to give up all of your worldly possessions in favor of the cause?"

"Yes, Sire. I am...wait, what did you say?"

I break the monotonous response with my question. All of the other Sons lift their bowed heads and crane their necks to look at me.

"You are ready to give up your possessions, are you not?"

"Why would I need to give up all of my possessions?"

"My Son, this commitment is not something we take lightly. You must have no ties to your former life or the material world."

"That seems like a bit much. I don't know if I'm O.K. with that."

"Are you not prepared to follow the ways of the Order? Did you not just say that you were ready to do all that is necessary? You must leave your old self behind in order to be reborn."

I hear the chorus of gasps behind me as I climb to my feet and brush off my knees.

"And what do you propose to do with all of my stuff? Am I just supposed to give it away?"

"You must donate your possessions to the Order, as a demonstration of conviction."

"What the heck? I'm not just going to give you all of my stuff!"

Sire's hand drops to his side as he shifts his weight.

"What? Did you think you could just come here on the weekends and go back to your video games once you finished?"

"Listen, Pal." The chorus of gasps sings again. "I worked hard for those video games and everything else I own. I'm not just going to sign it all over to you. Who do you think I am?"

"I thought you were a Son with conviction. A Son with a sense of purpose and meaning."

"I do have a sense of purpose and conviction, but this is ridiculous."

I turn and start walking. Before I make it to the door, three others are walking behind me.

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