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The following is a piece of writing submitted by aeontiamson on May 13, 2012


"Bye bye."

He waved. "Buhbye, Blackbird." And he didn't know what that even meant. He was thinking of John Dillinger on Public Enemies at that time. He wished he could've said something smarter. Or, just a plain bye.

It is his fifth bottle of beer. It is four in the morning. It is the third week since he last saw her. He starts wishing of time machine to go back three weeks ago. He thinks he is in control of the situation then.

The ice waters his beer down.

"You're a Dragon, a Fire Dragon. That makes sense to have your business as this. Anything that has to do with fire like cooking. Like this."

"I am Pig! What's my element? 1983!"

Blackbird, he thinks. Not really hearing the conversation.

"Water Pig. I got Water."

"I'm Pig, too. I contain you. I am metal."

"How about you?"

"Rat." He says. "Do blackbirds eat rats?"

"You're a Wood Rat."

"Metal will just crush you. Fire will burn you up."

"What can I do to him? Water can rot wood."

"Wood's not really strong against anything."

"My heart is also wood. That's the strongest anyone can be." He strays away again from the talk and wishes a time machine.

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