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The following is a piece of writing submitted by BooksforDinner on June 6, 2012


His words cut through her heart like a knife. It only took three seconds, a shallow sucked-in breath and a single tear.
“What?” She whispered, hoarsely with her eyes still closed, her mind telling her not to bother asking, and her heart hoping that she had heard wrong.
“I had an affair. The baby that Clara is having might be mine.” He repeated.
More tears rolled down her face. She wanted to yell, and scream and say something, anything, but her throat wouldn’t work. She kept her eyes closed, the phone pressed against her ear, her heart beating so loudly she could barely hear anything he was saying.
“O-Ok.” She said. Then she hung up. She let the phone fall into her lap as several heart-shattering sobs escape her throat. She couldn’t catch her breath. As tears fell faster down her face, she was gulping air by the lung full. She was home alone and knew that if she stayed that way she would do something she would later regret.

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