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The following is a piece of writing submitted by StOnE-hEnGe on June 27, 2012

Sitting by the road

I look around. The circular trees are gently swaying in the faint breeze. The cars passing on the road taking no notice of a girl sitting on the side of it. And still not a cloud in the sky. I scoot over onto the dry brown grass when the pavement got too hot. Immediately I switch positions because the grass is so dry. We haven't had rain in months.

As soon as I get comfortable, I click on my ballpoint pen and start to write. I write about everything that I will never get to do, and everything that I have already done. From different perspectives to different life forms. Writing is a way for me to escape the reality of the real world. I can do whatever I want when I write.

My life is kind of like one of the characters' in a book. The character may have a horrible family or be misunderstood. It's life is what makes a story unique and interesting to read. I have a life quite like that. A misunderstanding mother, a father who was murdered, seven other siblings besides me who is the oldest, and two different colored eyes. Yep. I could easily be a character in a book.

I haven't asked for much in my life. All I have ever done is given. For a single income, poor family with eight kids, I have to do a lot. There is no extra time for me. My mom is openly disappointed about me wanting to be a writer. She says that writers only make money if what they write gets published and to get published it has to be good. Apparently what I write, isn't good. My English teacher doesn't think so though. To her I am the best writer she has taught in a long time. I write for extra credit all the time, though I don't need it.

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