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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Sunra59 on October 21, 2012
"This peice took a lot longer than it might seem. It had me beat for an hour, before I managed to finish it second time around."

A Gathering of Horns.

Unicorns were not only beautiful, but intuitive beasts. They foresaw a time when the beauty and rareness of their horns would bring about their end. And so they put their many minds to more than grass.

And through the centuries now lost, each 'glade' (as a group of unicorns were known) journeyed to the edge of trees; until the gathering of 'glades' spun out across the world like a carpet of silk.

And on a night known to all (as a map of stars rolled out across the sky), each unicorn drew up its horn and blew. And the universal sound became a wave. And they rode upon the wave and were gone.

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