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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Sunra59 on October 27, 2012
"30 days - sounds like long enough!"

Short Life Span

I spent the first two days of my life trying to make sense of the light. I didn't think I liked it much and I crawled under a table to hide. Under the table there was a book. I spent the next three days reading the book. The book made me curious. I crawled out from under the table and on towards a door. I couldn't reach the handle on the door, so I spent five days trying to stand. The opened door led me through into the world. The world was crazy and beautiful. Somebody took my hand and led me to a quiet place. We spent ten long restless days together and she bore me a child. My child walked through another door. The next five days flew passed like shapeless clouds. My mate and I tried to make sense of the light. We didn't like it much. The book became lost. And after thirty days so was the light.

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