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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Micah Wumbo(: on September 22, 2012
"If you don't like gay or bisexual people, it's ok. It's your opinion, but just take time to read this.. It's not my fault that I'm like this.. "

Unforgettable Nightmares.

Life. There are memories we will forget, and some we will not. The ones of death, we will always remember, sometimes we move on with life and other times, we will not. At the tender age of 7, I was an innocent child, laughing and playing. Bad thoughts weren't swimming through my head, not until my mother passed away.. It was July, a Summer I will never forget. As I sat, crying. Seeing my father cry, which was the first time I've ever seen him cry and a single tear fell down his eye. There were people smiling at me, and as I had to be dragged out, it felt terrible crying. Crying. That word that has made me sensitive, I've cried my entire life and still do at the age of 13. I don't have a bright memory, but I do have a bright future, according to my family. They wanted me to be a doctor, while I wanted to be a teacher, wishing to be a female and not a boy, so I can play with the other girls without criticism. I was bullied a lot for playing with the other girls, not hanging out with the boys. I wasn't athletic at all and just wanted to be a girl, I denied being gay.. But a couple years later, I figured out something. As I saw a boy pass by, I realized my sexuality. I was bisexual. I mean, I liked girls, but the guys made me feel great, I wanted a boyfriend desperately. I know many people are against gay people and think people like us will go to the gates of Hell, but I don't know anymore.. If God doesn't like me due to my sexuality, that's okay. He can deal with it. Because I don't think I'll ever change. But, as I think about my past, I miss it dearly. The smell of my mother, her smell consisted of Cherry Blossom and Corona. Holding her cold, tender hand and calling her "mommy", feeling like a grown up if I called her mom. That was a great feeling..

I miss my past sometimes..

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