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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Morgan on October 6, 2012
"I believe that maybe this dream might have been symbolic to the Antichrist and how he looked that he was supposedly a good leader and nice but his true colors showed up after all."

A Symbolic Dream

I could not tell whether it was a dream or not at the time as I found myself sitting on a rather large couch crowded by very many people who I did not really pay attention enough to know what they looked like. As I sat there my eyes were drawn to this huge room that look similar to a big ballroom that on my right instead of a wall there was a huge window. It was dark outside and I could not see any stars or even a moon. As my eyes wandered I noticed that the floors were very glossy and then there was a huge rock that looked just like the one from the Lion King. I thought to myself how strange that this exact rock would be here in this huge ball room. As I looked closer since this rock was very high I did not notice before but there was a teenage boy who was in a black suit standing at the very tip of the rock.

He had blonde hair and looked as if he was about to say something to everyone in the ball room. From what I could tell during this short period of time was that he might be some kind of leader of some sort. He looked completely harmless and I thought he might even look rather nice. Everyone on the couch had there attention towards him also.

All of a sudden lightning flashed down the huge window and I heard the thunder roar. Looking at the boy I saw that he had suddenly changed from a boy to a skeleton. Everyone was in complete shock. He did not look as he appeared and had a very gruesome appearance now.

He looked down at all of us and I felt like he specifically was looking at me. I decided that I should probably get out of here. I tried my hardest to find a way off this huge couch but no one would move to let me out. As I looked up I saw the skeleton boy jump off the rock and land on the couch in front of me. He was laughing hysterically and I was in sheer terror. He came after me and I had no where to run. He got closer and closer until he was right in my face, and then I woke up.

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