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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Morgan on October 6, 2012

Snow White's Rescue

" If only I did not have to go through every day and be so fearful of that dreadful queen." said Snow White to Grumpy the dwarf. "We can only hide you from her for so long she has magic that will be able to find you."

Snow White had been chased out from her own home and her father was killed by the evil Queen who used magic to get whatever she wanted. Now Snow was living with dwarfs that had some kind of protection from magic over it just for a little while until it faded out. Snow White was hopeful that some day she would not have to deal with the Queen anymore but every day her hope was fading.

During this time in another land was a girl named Elizabeth it was the year 2010 and she was about to go to college. She had been raised up in a christian family and loved God. She had a very vivid imagination and she loved to read had dreams about going on adventures. She was at a point in her life though where she was being forced to grow up and to almost forget her dreams of adventure. The thing about her dreams of adventure were that hers almost consisted of non realistic things. So she had very little faith that her dreams could go beyond her mind.

"Elizabeth please be realistic about the situation." her mom said. "We don't have the money to send you off to such an expensive college and you are going to just have to work to pay for the college that you can afford." "Mom I don't even know why I am going to college though, they don't even have the degree I want to go in. I don't know what to do with my life." Elizabeth said feeling very disappointed.
Her mom just shrugged her shoulders and went in the kitchen to clean some dishes.

Elizabeth feeling a little light headed decided she would take a walk through the woods to clear her head. She tried very hard to not get so upset about her current state of life. All life seemed to turn out to be was just hard and there was no fairy tales. Walking down the path in the woods she started to pray to God, "Please God, help me to be strong at this time in my life, I know you walk out my steps and you have a plan for me but I feel really like giving up hope that you have something special for me in my life." As she kept walking she noticed a huge tree with a enormous hole. All of a sudden a white rabbit hopped faster than lightning through some bushes and into this hole. Elizabeth feeling a bit curious to look into the hole and to try to find the rabbit walked over to the tree. She couldn't see anything at first just a blackness. As she looked a little longer she saw a light that looked like it was very far away but in this hole. The tree did not stretch out that far so she was very unsure and confused why there might be a light. Feeling the urge to find out what it was she stepped in the hole and started making her way down a dark tunnel just focusing on the light ahead. She walked for quite awhile and then the light started to grow brighter. She decided to start running towards it being a little afraid of the darkness around her. Finally she reaches the end and it looks like it led her out to a forest similar to the woods she was in.

As she looked around she noticed that these woods were very much different then hers. All of a sudden she saw at a distance seven dwarfs and a woman with short black hair. She had to take a double take because she could not believe her eyes. There was no way that she was seeing Snow White and the seven dwarfs right now. Elizabeth stood and just watched for they have not noticed her yet. She then saw two black horses with men in black armor riding right up to snow white and the dwarfs. She saw Snow White turn around and scream and then try to start running away but the men took her captive. The dwarfs were to scared and little to do anything for her. Elizabeth could not help but immediately run up to them to try to help her. "Hey!", she said. "Let her go." The men in black armor turned to her and said "By whose orders should we let her go?" Elizabeth not sure what else to say but knowing in her heart that the only orders she takes are from God and his son Jesus Christ and he says to do what is right. She belt out "By the orders from Jesus Christ I command you in his name to let her go." "Ha Ha" they laughed, "We do not know Jesus Christ and we have our orders from the Queen to take Snow White to her."

Elizabeth feeling in her heart that this was terribly wrong asked God "Lord what should I do for her? I do not have the strength or power to rescue her but you do." Suddenly the wind started picking up and thunder started roaring. She knew that God had answered her prayer. She said again "If you do not let her go in Jesus's name, My God will make you let her go." "We will not let her go under your God at all. Now move so we can be on our way." they said. All of a sudden the ground started shaking and lightning struck the two horses feet that the men were riding on. They fell to the ground and let go of Snow White. With trembling fear they got up and ran without looking back.

Snow white and the dwarfs just stood there staring a Elizabeth. Snow White asked "Who are you and what kind of magic do you possess?" Elizabeth shocked that she had called what happened magic, replied"My name is Elizabeth and I would never use magic it is entirely evil but My God he is the one who saved you." Snow White then asked the question "Who is this God you speak of and how may I get to know him to show him my gratitude towards him?"

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