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The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on October 30, 2012
"My first time writting anything on here."

The City

I stare out the window covered in rain,
As if the racing raindrops ran a game.
The smog on the street covers the feet,
Of the passerby's as they scurry to meet,
Someone or something of importance to their lives.
Daughters and sons, husbands and wives.
Maybe if they would all slow down and think,
If the taxi's horn and the construction would shrink,
They would be content.
They could forgive and forget.
But no, the timer ticks on.
Their unforgiving lives move on.
As they rush torwards their graves, fully aware,
Of what lie there.
I've always known the life I lead.
But, even to this day,
I would never live it any other way.

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