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Chasing Notes

by KelseyTheQuiet

A short story I've decided to write.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on November 4, 2012

The Prologue

“What have they found out?”
“Because of your first killing, they suspect your somewhere the western United States. Do you plan to kill anymore?”
“Then listen carefully, I will only say this once. I can forge a fake ID and passport for you. You will need to get on a plane to any part of Eastern Europe. Once there, find a man by the name of Hal Sampson who works at the Lowly Bar. I will give you the address if you like. Tell him “G113”. Once you say the following, he will take you into hiding. You will stay there for 6 months and then leave. You can never go back to the states, but you will be allowed to use your real identity there. Is that clear?”
“Yes, I understand. How much for the passport and when will it be ready?”
“Give me 2 days, and $9,000. I will contact you when ready, so keep your phone on at all times.”
“Thank you, Note.”
“The pleasure was all mine.”
I smiled as I reached to the computer to turn off the call. I had just helped one of the world’s major serial killers escape his consequences. I remembered the day all of this started…the day they took my big brother away…
“Brother, what are you doing?”
“Not now Nathan! I’m very busy.”
“You’re always on the computer. You promised me we could play today.”
“Nathan, not right now just leave me alone and maybe-“
Then I was surrounded in a whirlwind of flashing lights and strange sounds. They arrested my brother and took me to an orphanage (as he was my only guardian). When I got out of the orphanage, I realized he had been a hacker, obtaining government information and using it to help criminals in exchange for large sums of money. I knew I would have to take over his job and beat the government at their own game if I ever wanted to see him again.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on November 4, 2012

The First Chapter

I deleted my internet history and then turned off the computer. I stood up, pressing my weight on the flimsy desk in front of my. Looking to my left, I saw my reflection in the mirror hanging by my closet.
‘What a monster I’ve become’ I thought to myself as I paced the room. The clocked broke the silence in the room, alerting me that it was now 7:00. As I walked across the room to turn it off, there was a knock at my bedroom door. Knowing who it was, I turned off the alarm and slowly walked to the door. I opened the door and was greeted with a familiar face.
“What kind of idiot sets their alarm on a Saturday morning?”
This was my roommate. She was about 5 foot and had a small frame. Her bright green eyes looked aggravated as her brown hair turned into a tangled halo around her face. She was wearing a bright green tank top and blue pajama bottoms. I knew I would have to leave this house soon, so that she wouldn’t be caught in my mess.
“Sorry about that Kylee. Maybe you shouldn’t be such a light sleeper.”
“Well, now that I’m up, you owe me breakfast.”
“Well, I suppose that’s fair.”
We went downstairs, where I began to make eggs and she watched the T.V. in the kitchen.
“Kylee, I’ll be moving out today. I’m going to stay with a friend. I’ve given you the rent for this month and next month, that way you have time to find a new roommate to help with rent. Is that ok?”
“Huh? I guess so but…why are you leaving?”
“My friend will be giving me a job at his local business. I would normally refuse, but the pay is wonderful. It’s an offer I simply can’t ignore. And you’ll be leaving for college in another year, so it’s not like I could stay here much longer anyway.”
“Now I remember, you told me you would be leaving last week. I guess I just blocked it out because I didn’t want it to be true…” Her voice carried on in the silence. I handed her a plate with eggs and toast and got her a glass of milk.
“Kylee, I told you we could never date. Do you remember why I said that?”
“You said I deserve someone better than you.”
“And you did find someone better than me. You found Tyler, remember? He’s at Harvard, with straight A’s and he seems very nice. And you love him, remember?”
“Yea, I love him. But not as much as I love you.”
“You don’t love me Kylee. You love Tyler. I have to go pack now.”
I got up and rushed to my room. I felt awful, and I knew it wouldn’t get better. She was my soul mate in every way, but I had to let her go. Is my brother worth this? I could always stop hacking. Yes, I could stop hacking and deny everything if questioned and…
No. I’m too far into this now. Still, I will miss her. I packed my clothes, my money and my computer equipment. I took one last look at my room, and then started down the stairs. When I reached the kitchen, I saw Kylee, still frozen. She finally stood up and moved to where her face was inches from mine.
“Nathan, can I try one thing.”
“It depends on what it-“
And then she kissed me.
I felt wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Everything finally felt right with the world again. I felt her place her arms around my neck and I placed mine around her waist. I had to stop, but I couldn’t force myself to do it. I was in an immeasurable amount of both pain and pleasure. When I finally came to my senses after what seemed like hours, I pulled away.
“If you still want to leave, then do so.”
I knew the path I had to take.
“Goodbye Kylee.”
I placed my bags into my car, and started the engine. I turned the music so loud that it was almost impossible to think. As I looked back at the house one last time, I saw her waving half-heartedly. I pulled out of the driveway and left.
When I arrived at my destination after 2 days of driving, I stopped the car and got out. The old, abandoned warehouse in the middle of the woods would be the perfect spot to set up my operation. I took my bags up to the top room where I then unpacked and set up my computer. My first order of business was to delete any history of me on the internet. I deleted any trace of evidence there was that I existed. When that was over, I called the criminal whom I was currently assisting.
“Hello, may I have your assigned number?”
“Oh, it’s you. My number is 771.”
“Thank you for the confirmation. This is Note. Your ID and passport are ready. They can be picked up at 455 Lakeside Road in Austin, Texas. After you verify that the passport is one you like, please give the man the $9,000 dollars. He will keep $1,000 of it and the other $8,000 will go to me. From there, you may get on any flight you like. Do you remember what to do after that?”
“Find Hal and tell him G113, right?”
“Yes, that’s correct. Do you need his address?”
“No, I think I can find it.”
“Good. Oh, and if the money you give us is fake, or if you try to run, we will know. We will then dispose of you. Goodbye, client number 771.”
“Goodbye, Note. Oh and thank you.”
I ended the call with him and finalized all the arrangements. I logged onto the governments secret file, where they post all records from the previous meetings. After clicking on today’s date, the screen flashed with the following info.
No major criminals have been arrested in the last year. We are beginning to suspect the presence of another hacker. Please keep your eyes out for any evidence that may link to this. End.
I smiled and leaned back on the floor.

The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on November 4, 2012

The Second Chapter

As I faced the computer screen in front of me, excitement began to swell in my stomach. I turned on the computer and searched for my victim. I finally found the one person that might be foolish enough to help me:
Johnson Greene
Johnson was a retired FBI agent, single parent and a former cop. He would be keeping his eye out for another hacker like my brother, so he would be the perfect target. Once I gathered everything I would need from the internet, I waited until 12:30 and then pulled out the untraceable phone from my pocket. I slowly dialed the number and called him.
“Is this Johnson?”
“Yes, it is. Who is this?”
“Do you have people in the room with you currently?”
“No. Who is this?”
“I’ll get to that later. You have a daughter. Her name is Madelyn, correct?”
“Why yes, did she get hurt? Did she get hurt?”
“Relax. Your daughter is fine, and will remain fine if you cooperate.”
“Don’t you dare hurt her!”
“Everyone will be fine, as long as you do as I say. There is an empty record building across from where you work, correct?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“I would like you to clock out for lunch, and then enter this building.”
“Ok, is Madelyn safe? Let me hear her!”
I played the recording of a voice similar to his daughters.
“I suppose that’s fine. Madelyn, this is your father.
‘Daddy, help me!’
That’s all I can allow her to say right now.”
The silence that followed was excruciating. If I couldn’t convince him that his daughter was being held captive, my entire plan would have been for nothing. Finally, he spoke:
“Madelyn, your dad will save you! I’m in the old record store, now what?”
“Lock the doors.”
“Ok, done.”
“Please tell me everything you know about Cane, the hacker.”
“Cane was a hacker who gave away all of our information in order to help criminals. I think he did it for money. We eventually found him and took him under arrest. We arrested him in secret, because we didn’t want to give him a fair trial. He was wrong, and was punished for that.”
“Where is Cane now?”
“I have no idea.”
“What do you mean you have no idea? You’re an FBI agent; you must have some idea of where he is!” I was beginning to get pissed, but I collected myself and awaited his answer.
“I was never given that information! The director, Mr. Cole, is the only one who knows that! Will you let my daughter go now?”
I looked at my reflection in the monitor as I opened up the typed message.
“There is one last thing I want you to do. Please grab the pen and paper off of the old desk, and write the following message. Once you have collected the pen and paper and are ready to write, let me know.”
“Ok, I’m ready.”
“To whom it may concern: Life cannot go on for me. I cannot live without her. She was my only love, and the one who kept my heart safe. Without her, life developed into everlasting nothingness. She was my whole world, and ever since she died my world died too. I loved her, and now she is gone. So now, I must go too.”
“Ok, is that it? Is my daughter safe?”
“Please read me the last word of every sentence, I want to make sure you actually wrote the letter.”
“Concern, me, her, safe, nothingness, too, gone and too.”
“Mr. Greene, will you walk to the doors of the record shop and look out the window.”
“Ok, I’m there.”
“Do you see a man in a green trench coat?”
When he said that simple word, I knew my plan had gone perfectly.
“You now have a choice. You will either be killed by this man painfully, or you can take the pills in the back corner of the room and die peacefully. Your choice, please choose now. If you try to leave, the man in the trench coat will follow you and dispose you. I have also sent a virus to your phone, as to where it will not recieve any incoming messages or place any outgoing ones, so you cannot call for help. Regardless of your choice, your daughter will be safe. What is your choice, Mr. Greene?”
I heard the noise of footsteps, and the opening of a pill bottle.
“That letter you had me write, was it to make me look like I committed suicide?”
“Yes. After all, your wife died only months ago.”
“P-please tell my daughter that, that I l-love her.”
“I will. Goodbye, Mr. Johnson Greene.”
I heard the phone collapse to the floor and ended the call. I proceeded to dial my assistant in this plan.
“Hello, this is Note.”
“Note, I won’t have to kill him, right?”
“No, that won’t be necessary. He chose to kill himself. You may keep the money I gave you, and the rest of the money will be shipped to your house.”
“Thank you, Note.”
I ended the call and turned off my computer. As I looked out the window, guilt hit me and I shook my head. Now, not only was I a hacker, but I was a murderer. I was the scum of the human race, and I knew it. But they took my only brother, my only family away. The only one who understood, the only one who knew my life. He knew how father left us and mother committed suicide. He knew how our only uncle abused us and was later arrested for abuse. He understood my life, because he went through it too. They took away the only person I could relate too. I had to find him, and Johnson’s death was just a casualty.

An eye for an eye, as they say.

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