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The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on November 8, 2012
"Someone laughed at our music today, so I enlightened them with this fact. They we're speechless."

Musical Tastes

Don't laugh at our music.
Don't laugh because you can't keep up with the tempo,
And because you cannot bear the thought of lyrics not rhyming.
The radio has shaped your ears in unimaginable ways,
And you will never understand.
Perhaps this tempo is of because 4/4 time is to expected.
Or perhaps it is to ward of the bland, as yourself.
Just because it is not in English, doesn't mean the lyrics aren't as heartfelt.
You just don't understand.
I am so sincerely sorry that you willl never expirience the aquired tastes.
And that you cannot appericiate music beyond your small mind.
Because, in reality,
You are only laughing to distract yourself from the fact that you will never understand.

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