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The following is a piece of writing submitted by KelseyTheQuiet on November 16, 2012


He looked out at the audience, but couldn't see a thing.
'I don't wear glasses?' he thought to himself as he put his spectacles in his pocket. He felt something, a cube like object in his pocket. He pulled it out, it was a Rubik's cube.
'Maybe if I solve the cube, God will reveal his secrets to me.'
He tried to solve the cube, but the more he tried, the more jumbled up the puzzle became. Angrily, he threw the puzzle into the air. It landed back in his hands, solved. He heard clapping in the distance, but when he looked out to see who it was, he saw nothing.
'I do wear glasses' he thought as he reached in his pocket to put on his glasses. He waited for God to reveal his secrets. He heard nothing. Suddenly, he looked at the man to his left.
"You," he said, "you're always there, always narrating my thoughts. The doctor said that if I took my pills, you would go away! Now where are they..."
"You mean these pills?" I said holding up the bottle of pills as the man angrily searched his empty pockets.
"No, you're not real! You don't have the pills I do!"
My hands were empty, and the bottle now resided in his hand.
"Now," he said taking the pills, " he sat down."
I sat down.
"He watched as the man covered him with the tarp."
I watched as he covered me with the tarp.
"The man left!"
I left.

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