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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction


by MidnightAria

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Gifted

The following is a piece of writing submitted by MidnightAria on January 10, 2013

3. Key

An emergency conference has been called.

Everybody heads towards the massive auditorium located fifty meters away from the classroom. There's no chattering like my last public high-school. No teachers have to sigh, exasperated, and split students apart half-heartily.

There are two lines, mixed with boys and girls.

And silence.

Nothing but the monotonous sound of footsteps sound as we enter the auditorium. The principal jerks her head upwards. She stands on stage, fierce and superior.

"Somebody entered Room Number 143 last night." The room becomes increasingly silent if that's possible. "As you all are aware, that Room is out of bounds."

The vice-principal takes the microphone from the principal's hand. "A door was unlocked. A silver key was stolen."

"The culprit will be immediately expelled."

"But until we find out who it is, food will not be offered in the cafeteria."

There's a stir in the crowd.

"Silence!" roars the principal. The room immediately grows silent. She nods. "And that will be all."

The entire school heads back, in low footsteps, back to the classrooms.

"I told you I knew," says a voice.

I spin around. The girl with the scar and crazed eyes. Roughly, she grabs my hand. Then she releases it.

"Find me."

She's gone. Suddenly, there's a weight in my hand. I unfold my fingers.

There is rust, a little bit of breakage.

But it is, undeniably, a silver key.

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