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The following is a piece of writing submitted by JennaSailsbury on February 16, 2013
"Just a short story I wrote for Uni. All feedback welcome. This is my favourite piece."

a willing to conform

It was all far too cliché; love sickness, a major misunderstanding, the missed chance of reconciliation.
'All that needs to happen now is an over emotional and extremely public reunion in a freak July downpour.' She let her bitterness swell in her head as the clouds suddenly gave a low uncompromising growl, as if to scowl at her mockery. She lifted her heartache shopping from the austere concrete, one stereotype she didn't mind succumbing to, and swung the ice-cream filled canvas bag into the road in an attempt to flag down the 96.
As the bus abruptly stopped in front of her, she reluctantly stepped onto its platform, knowing it would only take her back six months, to an empty flat, take-out for one… okay, fine, for two and jogging bottoms she’d so carelessly disregarded; how foolish to think they would be no longer needed. She was jolted from her self-pity with a sharp poke in the back, turning round irritated and prepared with a defensive tone and the word ‘problem?’ she found herself face to face to skin lacking any elasticity and vanilla cotton hair, 'I think he's talking to you sweetie.' Then, following the direction of the nodding bundle of knitwear beside her, she spotted him.
'Lisa!' He screamed as if she were miles from him, his dense brow cracked into relief as their eyes met. She stood still, dumbstruck, 'Maybe if I hadn't turned all those God awful rom-coms over,' she thought, 'I would be a little more prepared for this.' She stared at him, unable to move, weighed down by disbelief and bags full of chocolate.
'Go on dear! What are you waiting for? He's handsome!' She looked down at the lady by her side and started to laugh. Laugh with happiness, laugh with disgust at the cliché she'd become, laugh at what she was about to do and then without further emotional resistance, she flew across the pavement, now dancing and alive with colour and into the arms of he who loves her wholly. 'You're soaking wet!' She exclaimed through confused laughter. 'I know baby,' he replied, 'it's raining.'

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