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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rachael Acevedo on March 18, 2013
"I was in Australia for a month on an ambassador trip. I was so excited to get home in Wisconsin when my flight got delayed in Georgia- Georgia!- for over 24 hours. So I wrote this poem to ease my frustrations."

Ache of Home

Days pass.
Glittering heat,
Radiant stars, open skies.
Kangaroos and golden wattles gleam.
Rushing rivers cascade
Past soaring plateaus.

I begin the flight to the hearth.
Heart pounding with dashing speed
And squirming on the steaming
woven seats.
Time lags more every moment
With “Arrival 0:00” failing to appear.
Through Cherokee rose,
The plane breaks.
I am falling.

I stay overnight wishing, pleading
For sanctuary to arrive.
The room is cold and foreign.

Bleached white walls,
Ironed sheets
And hanging chandeliers.
Yet too different
From the wrinkled sheets of home.

Life is grievous, not right.
The plane is solidified.
I arrive at last, and I find myself
Loving the violet,
The chill and fresh pine.

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