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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Chuly on June 24, 2013
"Yah, I'm kinda proud of this, but I would like to see what you thought of it."

Darwin, The Crazy Failure

The dough, Darwin was rolling, falls straight to the floor. "Splat!" Tears start forming in his eyes. He can't believe that his hard work to make a plain loaf of bread fails miserably, just like everything he tries to do. He can never do anything right. His wife left him because he never loved her enough. His friends left him because he spent too much time with his imaginary unicorn. What makes it even worse, is that his imaginary unicorn left him because he was a terrible human.

Once again, Darwin gets up and brushes the failure off his shoulder. As he turns, a rock hits the right side of his face. A bunch of kids on their bikes scurry away. The alley he lives in smelled like trash, probably because he lived right next to a trash can. When he looks back at the dough in his hands, he realizes the dough wasn't actually bread dough. It was actually mud and an ant hill. The ants start to crawling all over him and he screams. Because of his long term memory loss, he had forgotten that ants were animals and he has come to the conclusion that the ants were aliens.

"Aliens! Oh dear, help me!" He screams. He assumed that ants were gonna take him to their leader and lay eggs in his brains. Passerby's turn and stare at Darwin. Many of them were walking home and have already noticed the normal routine Darwin has in the evening so the screams coming from him weren't unusual. Many grabbed their cell phone and called 911.

After a half hour later, police cars start forming around the place Darwin called home. Surrounding him, the police tried to calm down Darwin, unfortunately it was 7PM (19h) which was the time he ate the funny mushrooms. To Darwin, the world was a haze and bright lights flashed at him. He automatically assumed it was a zombie apocalypse and the world was on fire. He screamed in terror as the police man walked toward him. Because of all the screaming, in order to make him stop, the police sedated Darwin.

They put Darwin in an asylum and that is where he will live forever.

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