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The following is a piece of writing submitted by legnab on May 26, 2013
"wrote this just thinking about Memorial Day"

Soldiers, We remember

Soldiers, You are not forgotten

For the soldiers who gave their life, in the great fight.
You are not forgotten. Your memory and dreams live on.
We hear you whispering never give up the good fight.
You ignite and reignite the energy in us all.
The vigor. The passion. The fire. To go on. To press on.
Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality for all,
Our rights are inalienable
We feel your presence and your essence.
Your determination and soul, how the world’s heat skipped a beat when you stepped out on the battlefield to defend our rights and freedom in America.
Just know. You are not forgotten. All is not lost.
The battle and war lives on. So America we say keep pressing on…
Keep those tenants that soldiers and America hold dear.
Our freedom, you paid the ultimate price for our freedom and life.
What can I say but thank you. All is not lost.
We hear you. You live on in us. You are not forgotten.

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