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The following is a piece of writing submitted by legnab on May 26, 2013
"Just thinking about life when writing this poem and how life is a series of lessons at different levels"

Begin again,and again

Here we go again, back and forth up and down
Have I been here before…
It’s hard to ignore, so let me explore.
Looking for an introspective perspective, not interested in the outside in view.
What is it about the lesson that must be learned again, again, and again…
At what level, depth, density, or perspective should I explore this time…
As I begin again, I approach with caution, creativity, clarity, and discernment
I’m invigorated and ecstatic to see what this new lesson holds for me.
Where will it take me this time? Day ja vu. Have I been here before?
Wanting to turn away but being forced to explore.
What is it this time that I need to excavate, re-explore, unwind, and redesign?
Wanting to turn away but being forced to explore.
You can't ignore, what's waiting behind the next door. It's captivating and inviting so hold on tight.
But I approach with hesitation again.
What is it this time that I need to excavate, re-explore, unwind, and redesign?
Is it time to roll up my sleeves and unwind again? What level will I go to this time?
Its like an engaging video game that does not end , but with each level you win the battle but not the war.
O my goodness, I'm learning even more from the game of life again. This time a deeper lesson.
Or should I say the journey never ends. That’s the beauty of the again, and again saga.

Time to look at this page of life and the lesson again. I'm ready. I know I'm going to win.
Taking off the gloves now.
Remembering the ABC's of life again. Putting the spotlight on my feelings, thoughts, actions, and behaviors. I'm responsible for my actions, not others.
I can choose and change the way that I react to people, situations, and circumstances in life.
Again and again, I repeat. Be that change that you want to see in your life. Make it happen.
Choose a different path in this journey again.
When lessons or things in life repeat again and again remember that you can begin again. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again and again and again.

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