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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Safyre on January 26, 2014
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: introduction, impenetrable, punch line, ooze, sky-high, emergency room, owing to"



That day I looked in the mirror and so something I never liked
Mirror can never lie
Its not her choice
She tells what she sees
No opinions just TRUTH

Introduction to whats to come
No matter how you may no like it
She can never hold back
She has no heart
Cursed to witness..
Failures , rejects and ''The Fancies''

You can feel sorry for her
But she is impenetrable
Stab,curse and spit at
SHe only gives you a much more broken version of yourself

Clear to you
She tells your physical fortune
You can hate her and destroy her
But you can never escape
Once you look its done for
You can never go back

Sadness , depression , happiness....
Usually punch line
''I'm ugly, disgusting , skinny and HARDLY LOOK MY AGE''
You rush to your emergency room
Nurses , family and friends stand waiting for you
They know your pathetic,
They don't say it...But you can see it
It oozes from them...That sarcasm...Critism

You don't tell them it hurts
Keep it in until it finally bursts
You don't kill or hurt your self
Because you know life is something precious
You owe them.
Those who can't live as long as you or those you die in incidents.Accidents
Owing to them...
Its not pretty but its a burden you have to live with because you know your a coward!\
You can never take your own life

You wish for it to end
Just like every story
You will have your own ending
Rocketing sky-high
You wish for a happy ending and you will have it.
The safe way.

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