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The following is a piece of writing submitted by infamousjk on January 29, 2014
"Four adventures to unfold as you wish."

Writing Prompt Help!

You are in a room filling with water do you take the ceiling door or the trap door? Where does it lead? Describe your adventure!

After shopping for groceries/mall visit etc. The car you drove there has been swapped for a luxurious model with an envelope in the seat. Opening it, it reads "Dear adventurer, We have gave you a G.P.S to our destination. If you choose to accept our offer the quality of life your acquainted to is increased one-hundred fold; if not repercussions will follow for your poor judgment. Sincerely the wish maker." What happens here unfolds from your mind so let it snowball into magic!

There is a loud noise continuing to rise in the back of your mind.
It feels like there is an itching in your brain coupled with a migraine
Two bottles sit in front of you both labeled cure but vary in color.
Pick what they represent seeing what follows.

One day the zoo decides free admission for one full day. When you get there write which ever animal you want to write about gets loose. This animal will turn anthropomorphic announcing a scheme; to free all the animals in the zoo. How will this catastrophe be stopped? Do you have high tech, super powers, increased intellect, maybe even a sense of adventure with a bit of luck?

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